Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dizzy Lily
A Snood for a Hound

Pezdiva with her snood for Maggie is the first pic I have seen of my pattern for rescue hounds. I won't tell you where Maggie is, it could be anywhere in the world, as I don't want to advertise the whereabouts of dogs for security reasons.

If you would like a free pattern for your own rescue dog, then email me telling about your hound. If you don't have a rescue hound, tha pattern is for sale at $3/£1.50. Even if you have a rescue dog, donations are most welcome as Julie from Essex greyhound rescue says she is going to make sure that all the dogs in the rescue kennels and the ones fostered at her home will get a special Christmas dinner made from some fresh meat. The remainder of donations is needed for food, collars and leads and the most biggest expense the vets bills as some dogs arrive with broken limbs and all sorts of conditions that need treatment before they can be put up for rehoming.

Doesn't she look cute and snuggly and warm? I will be keeping pics of all the rescue hounds who get one of these, that is if their owners send me a pic. Then I am going to stick up a gallery of them on Flickr.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Knitting Patterns for Charity

Dizzy Lily
A Snood For a Hound

I used to think that clothes for dogs was a silly idea. Until we got greys and I realised just how much they feel the cold (just feel their icy ears and nose on a cold day!). I noticed that the indoor kennel coats just didn't keep Lily warm and she kept burrowing her head under pillows or behind Dizzy. Poor Lily though has a bald neck, so it was time to cover it. I came up with this shaped snood knitting pattern. I didn't adopt greys just so I could knit for them, I promise! I think Dizzy will only need his snood when it is really icy outside as he is a warm boy.
I am selling it for £2.00 GBP and donating 100% to the Essex Greyhound Rescue service (or Lurcher Link if you are a lurcher owner). The Dizzy Lily/Snood Pattern can be downloaded from the sidebar via PayPal which will convert to any currency.

Can anyone give a temporary foster home to Macy?

Talking of Essex Greyhound Rescue, they have just had a dog come into their kennels called Macy who hates kennel life and is not eating due to anxiety. Julie feels that if this hound was given a chance in a foster home, she would be able to put weight on and become more rehomeable because at the moment she is a bit thin. I would so love to give a temporary home myself, but last time we thought of doing that we had decided on one dog and would foster another, and what happened? We ended up adopting both dogs anyway. Now our plans for fostering are over as 2 is the max amount of dogs who will fit into this home.

If you think you can give little Macy a foster home, I think she gets on OK with other dogs, then do contact me and i will put you in touch with Julie. Obviously you would need to be in the UK and being in the Essex area is going to help greatly.