Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Bit of Not So Good News,,,,,,

Last week Mummy was checking my gums and teeth and noticed this horrible lump growing down from the gum. She thought it might be a gum boil or a dental abscess or something, so she tried to find a new vet and we were recommended one. However, he was going on hols, so someone else from the same practice dealt with the small tumour in my mouth. Mummy was told this is not anything to do with the teeth, it is actually a mouth tumour that needs removing asap, but we will not know if it is malignant or benign until we get the results back.

I went in to have the op to remove it on Monday, but the vet after knowing I was a bit of a bleeder decided it would be best to do a full haematology test with clotting profiles etc.....and those came back normal.
I had a little operation yesterday to remove the tumour and now have sparkly white teeth, and clipped claws, and some of my blackheads and pimples on my tummy squeezed and cleaned up. Mummy was pleased to see that no antibiotics were needed after the op and no bleeding whatsoever. No stitches necessary and the gum tissue was just cauterised and sealed shut with no after effects. I was a little bit dopey and sleepy yesterday but today was perky and back to normal and starving hungry! I had very special food that was soft. We are just waiting for the results to come our way and will find out if that tumour is malignant or benign and what other steps we need to to take. Hopefully it was just an epulis and overgrowth of gum tissue that is benign.

Today we had a bit of sad news. We found out that one of my doggie friends who had been fighting bone cancer, was put to sleep as it was his time. His name was Dixie and he was a big old friendly and cheeky lurcher. He had a leg removed to try and combat the cancer, and some chemo, but sadly the chemo made him too sick to enjoy his life so it was stopped. He had a good few months with no chemo, and no sickness, but then one morning would not eat or drink, had pale gums and was very flat and lifeless. Obviously the cancer had spread to affect his system, and most likely was stopping enough oxygen getting around the system. His Mummy and Daddy gave him a very dignified end and put him to sleep rather than wait for him to become even more sick. It could have been so much  worse for him and he was not in any pain. Here is a pic of him at Christmas

Obviously my Mummy is really upset, knowing how it feels to have your furry boy ripped out of your life after so long she sympathises with Dixie's Mum....he will be really missed and was a very big part of their lives. He leaves a furry adopted sibling, Dolly, and she is in the same situation as I am. I was confused at first, but am quickly adjusting to being the only dog. For about 4 weeks I would not go for a walk and kept looking for Dizzy, and trotting to his collar and lead and wondering why I had to go on my own.

Also, another online buddy of ours Sam was pts recently, he was quite famous modelling for this life size crochet hound pattern. He was 13 and had a very full life, and was treated for elderly complaints etc but it was his time to go and he went with dignity. He had lived there 10 yrs so it will feel empty without him. I think he was a heart dog really.