Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lils and Dizzy have harnesses

These seem to be the safest kind and are available from Jan's greyhound gifts in specific sizes.
These harnesses with the martingale collar helps control Dizzy Rascal when he is with me.

Just to add....the harnesses are really to stop Lily when totally spooked slipping her collar.
She doesn't often get spooked, but if we are on hols (like above) walking on busy roads or more importantly on motorway journeys the harness is a good thing. Even if they are in the back of a car it is good to have something on their body you can grab easily. I was (horrified when we first got these two) of a story I heard of someone losing their greyhound because their car was rammed up the rear in an accident and it damaged the hatch which sprung open...the dog was so terrified it jumped out and ran off and they never saw it was in a heavily forested area. As you open a hatch, well trained dogs will wait til you pick up the leads but if they get spooked...and this happened to us once...they might just jump out into a carpark to escape and grabbing the harness as they slither by is handy. It is very hard to grab a greyhounds collar quickly.