Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lils and Dizzy have harnesses

These seem to be the safest kind and are available from Jan's greyhound gifts in specific sizes.
These harnesses with the martingale collar helps control Dizzy Rascal when he is with me.

Just to add....the harnesses are really to stop Lily when totally spooked slipping her collar.
She doesn't often get spooked, but if we are on hols (like above) walking on busy roads or more importantly on motorway journeys the harness is a good thing. Even if they are in the back of a car it is good to have something on their body you can grab easily. I was (horrified when we first got these two) of a story I heard of someone losing their greyhound because their car was rammed up the rear in an accident and it damaged the hatch which sprung open...the dog was so terrified it jumped out and ran off and they never saw it was in a heavily forested area. As you open a hatch, well trained dogs will wait til you pick up the leads but if they get spooked...and this happened to us once...they might just jump out into a carpark to escape and grabbing the harness as they slither by is handy. It is very hard to grab a greyhounds collar quickly.

Friday, October 15, 2010

When they are good, they are very very good.....
and their Dad spoils them with a takeaway Chinese.

Look how he has made a little dinner out of our left over rice, and meat with a prawn cracker on top. He goes to the trouble of washing off all the grease, and washing off the sauce so that it isn't unhealthy for them and we usually give them less dinner on the Chinese day.

Lils has got so good at working out which day it is she knows when its Saturday....she will often, after Stevie has telephoned the Chinese, sit by the front door or pace up and down trying to look out the window to find out where that delivery bike could be. She gets most disgruntled though if Saturday comes and there is no Chinese......or in fact no takeaway.

When they are bad they are very very bad......but not often though.

We have a chewer. He only likes to rip up bits of paper or books though, if they are left on the sofa. The first time he did it was when he went up to the sofa, as bold as anything with us watching, and picked up the paper to move it to one side so he could get on. We didn't deduce from this he was a ripper too but some time after that, we would come into the living room hearing ripping noises and he would be tearing strips off a book or newspaper. However.....he did it to his Mummy's knitting pattern. I never buy knitting patterns having mostly designed things myself. This was to be a break from designing and a chance for some easy mindless knitting. Dizzy thought it was outrageous though that a knitting pattern author should be using someone else's pattern. What is wrong with Mummy he thought, I know, I'll rip it up and she'll have to start improvising again......

Lastly, sometimes they are neither good or bad....
and just comatosed sharing the same sun patch.

They love a warm day with the sun coming into the living room....trouble is that sun patch shrinks and moves and they have to try and share it.

Either that or Lily just hogs the whole patch to herself and warms her belly under it....after all, it is falling onto her bed, so perhaps she has the legal right to it. Nevertheless, Dizzy backs down for an easy life.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dizzy's Dad

Some of our greyhound knitting folk, were discussing genetics on a forum....and just by chance, I looked up Dizzy's Dad and found this poster of him! Dizzy's Dad a dog named Cool Performance I mean. This is an advert which was placed in a racing magazine, for people to hire him as a sire. Shame that his pups, including Dizzy didn't really live up to their champion father's fast track record! The pups were all beautiful though and mostly brindle. They are all called Smooth something, so Dizzy was Smooth Design.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sofa Hounds

These two have got their own double duvet each, on top of a doggie mattress. We also started letting them on the one sofa upstairs in my little studio....but eventually, we gave in, got throws and have let them up on our we often have nowhere to sit...what did we start eh?

Anyone got a leather or wipe down sofa we could buy? I am fed up of brushing the hair of this one.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Here is a pic of a stained glass window I had made for my partner's birthday.
It is huge and made in the style of a tattoo. As you can see it has a greyhound on it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I really should update you all on my gorgeous greyhounds, they have new collars and leads, a new coat and have been out and about at greyhound shows.....until the pics of all of this arrive from their daddy, here is a silly sketch I did of Dizzy in the style of Picasso

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Erssie Knits Card

Here is a new card from Erssie Knits. Raid Zero did this photo for my Valentine's canvas, and I liked it so much I put it on a card. Profits from the card go to Essex Greyhound Rescue service.

My Little Eye card
My Little Eye by erssie
Make notecards on Zazzle

Also, don't forget, you can contribute to Essex Greyhound Rescue by going to and buying a knitting pattern for a snood. Or just click on the BUY NOW button underneath Hobbes here, the latest boy to have a new snood.

£2.00 For a Knitting pattern for a snood in 4 different sizes for greyhounds, lurchers or large whippets.