Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dogs That Need Adopting

Please go here, as soon you will see some new pics of dogs that need adopting. There are about 13 dogs at Essex Greyhound Rescue in need of adoption, and two of these are the brother and sister of our own dog the lovely blue brindle Dizzy.

They are both chocolate brindle, similar colour and markings to the picture above. Both ex racers age 4 and are looking for a loving home together. If you think you can give them a home, then do contact me. Also, there are the other 11 dogs there, that desperately need to be found homes. Not only to benefit them, but to free up some kennel space for other dogs in need of fostering.

I will be taking pics of all the dogs looking for homes, and putting up details here as well as on my Flickr Gorgeous Greyhounds Gallery site.