Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Greyhound Snoods

Hello, it is Lily here again talking about luxurious things that a greyhound sees as an absolute necessity. I just wanted to point out to any Mummies and Daddies of new furry babies that Crafting4Greyhounds is still producing a prolific amount of snoods for sale and all proceeds go to Action For Greyhounds. 

This year, we are proud to announce, that proceeds from the sale of the knitting pattern for this snood is going to  Action For Greyhounds too, a most worthy cause. Yes, We give that the 'Royall' Seal of Approval (see what We did there? that is the name of the lady who makes these snoods tee hee!)


Friday, December 2, 2011

Beagles Get Rescued and Released From Labs

Oh my goodness, Mummy is crying buckets again over a nammy (what she calls n'animals) video of dogs getting released after being used for experiments.....I ask you though, these are Beagles?? Not greyhounds.....BEAGLES... and certainly not of our Royal Heritage. Mummy wants me to urge you to watch this, although personally I wouldn't normally bother as I have been rescued thank goodness



Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Beds

Hello, its Dizzy here and its my time to write a post.

Its a while since Mummy and Daddy bought us these lovely cushions for £1 each from Ikea in a sale. 

I call them 'nose pillows', and Lily calls them 'sausages'. Every night, that spoiled little princess flounces onto her bed and sighs and grunts, and Mummy has to say Goodnight, do you want your sausage, at which point Lily lifts her annoying little head so she can have the nose pillow put underneath it. I am not quite so fussy because I am anxious to get the parents to bed, before I sneak up on the sofa.

We have new beds now though, so instead of stinky flattened old duvets, we now have these pet cushions to put ourselves on, and you'll never guess what! We now have a cleaner too, to help Mummy when she's not well enough to hoover up all the hair.

It is Lily here, and I just want to add that if I want to, Mummy has to put as many blankets on top of me as I like and if she doesn't do it, I will moan and groan and sulk and hide my head under the bedding. What you have to understand though, is that I am from Royal Blood and these are only things that are part of one's birthright.

This is me under my much diminished pile of blankets, its just not good enough.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mummy is so bad at writing posts!

Hmmm...we are not impressed, Dizzy and I (Lily) are really not at all pleased that Mummy has not written anything about us for so long. This is an intervention! With the help of some new doggie technology we are taking over this Doggie Blog and writing our own posts.....

We must thank the lovely Beekeeper or Sarah from Crafting4Greyhounds in Norfolk, who has knitted us these lovely new snoods above. Mummy was too lazy to knit replacements, after Daddy washed our blankets and threw the snoods in the washing machine. Mummy donated some money to Action For Greyhounds for Sarah's snoods and we recommend that you support them too. Sarah's hubbie, has made some lovely cards from his humorous greyhound sketches and these support the cause, see the details below from Sarah.

Greyhound Cards for Sale
his wonderful set of cards designed by
my talented husband Nigel is now available to buy.
Each pack contains 8 blank cards 2 each of 4 designs
and come complete with envelopes.
Price per pack of 8 cards £3.50 plus £1 postage in the UK.
Profits from the sale of these cards is donated
to Action for Greyhounds UK.
Payment by cheque or paypal,
email for details''

Anyway, Good News for us, we have officially managed to move up a peg or two since Mummy last posted, and have managed to sneak onto the two sofas downstairs at regular intervals as well as their bed, and we can do this even with Daddy in the room. It seems that he is the weaker of the two and is willing to turn a blind eye to our misdemeanours. Mummy comes in and says 'What is going on' and we hide our heads in the cushions but somehow, acting invisible does not work with her.

Dizzy tells me though, that he managed to sneak onto the bed today when Mummy was actually in it. However it wasn't a very good sneak and she has a bruised thigh and knee. He just leaped on like a rhino, then did his favourite spinning around and around trick digging into her legs. He says its not his fault if his nails need clipping again. 

Anyway we will sign off for now, and leave you with a hint of what we would like for Christmas. Well, the tables are lovely and if carved in our image all the better, but what we really want is snacks on them that are head height (can we suggest prawn crackers?).

Must dash...its prawn cracker night tonight (we think? The parents need reminding!). Lets not let on to our Mummy, that we have learned how to type with our large paws eh? And you will have to admit, this post is more doggie and interesting without Mama being the author of it.

Princess Lily Blue
Dizzy Rascal