Saturday, September 22, 2007

Holiday Privileges

The hounds were so cute on hols. Here they are outisde our little blacksmith's cottage in a private valley with a stream running by and fields with a footpath to the beach.
We thought poor Lily was going to get a burst bladder as she wouldn't wee away from her garden at home and we thought she would be a total nervebox for most of the 2 weeks. What a cutie, she managed to wee in public, in a field next to the main route to Tintagel castle with people within hearing distance as well.

How we loved bonding with our dogs. Physically as well. no words can describe how cuddly greyhounds are, and yes, we weakened and we let the hounds come and cuddle us on our bed after breakfast. Needless to say that all stopped when we got home here.

Lily's confidence
just grew and grew on holiday. I was swelling with pride for her progress. They loved getting in and out of the car and going for drives, short walks (because Dizzy has an ulcer on his paw) and lots of lounging around in the garden too.

It was a bit nippy at night so the hounds wore their towelling sun coats to keep warm, and naughty Lily was caught climbing up into the living room chair.

We turned a blind eye, well; holiday privileges again!

She also got up and cuddled her Dad, and considering how terrified o
f men she normally is, that was an amazing thing to see. She is such a little Daddy's girl that I feel a pang of jealousy at their closeness.

Dizzy is still the big baby he ever was. His walking on the lead has improved loads a
nd we didn;t really have any trouble walking around with the dogs, or taking them to pubs, eating fish and chips at Tintagel or any other activity.

Now we are back in London things are a bit different. Lily went back in her shell to begin with but is coming out again and has done a few toilet activities in the local park. We can take her off the lead as well for very short bouts and she will walk near us. A couple of times at the cottage she escaped and always came back.

Embarrassingly, after a welcome cuddle with Steve and I and my Dad and his parrtner Jeannie, Lily and Dizzy bolted off and Dizzy did his usual trick of running into the nearest open door and finding a person to love.

We love these dogs too too much! It feels so special to have rescued these hounds, and given them what they need and a little bit more.


Erssie said...

Yep, I know there are images which have not loaded properly on this post, but unable to correct it in blogger, some sort of fault so they're staying like this at the moment.

IHateToast said...

love the one of lily on her dad. how coy. we're camping out (we=me, 2 greys, 2 cats) in hte living room right now. there's been change in the house, so we're all huddled in. i can't stop them from climbing up.

so easy to be smitten, no?

thebellagreyhound said...

There is nothing like a greyhound snuggle. They are so warm and soft. I have woken up with all 4 in the bed unable to move!
They also make excellent hot water bottles in winter.