Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Comedy Duos separated at birth

Who does the pair on the left remind you of?
Dizzy and Lily?

Well no, the big blue brindle is actually a girl, and her name is Bella.
The blue and white hound is Bully.

Both ex racing greyhounds are looking for a permanent home, You can find their details here. I have it on good authority these dogs are very cuddly, especially Bully who likes to jump up for a cuddle!

Even if you can't offer dogs like this a home, giving anything you can will help them have good food and get their vets bills paid. You can find out how to donate on the Castledon Kennels website, or if you prefer I can collect a donation from you for Essex Greyhound Rescue (where my babies come from)

I the meantime, marvel at the likeness between these two hounds and our own two. Uncanny isn't it?

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IHateToast said...

good luck rehoming them. they're very good looking-just like their separated-at-birth partners.