Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Holidays

We have just been on our holidays. We went to Devon again to our favourite farm cottage. As promised, the farmers were able to give us one of their fallow fields which was a meadow right at the top of their land with gorgeous views over the valley.

It was completely enclosed and we are excited to announce that the greys were let off for a proper run.
For a while now, Lily being nervous has been in her favour when let off the lead because she doesn't want to stray far from her favourite person (Daddy) and she gets a regular run but poor old Dizzy could not be trusted. We let him off just once, and he bolted so we were restricted to using enclosed fields.

Steve did some good work with him. He was allowed off the lead in the enclosed field and then we just ignored him. First of all Dizzy stood looking confused, then had a short sprint followed by a little rest where he had to lie down in the field. We used whistles and biccies to get him back, but he showed only mild interest in both. Over the course of the week, we became more and more confident as he was let off and just walked beside us LIKE A NORMAL DOG!!

We can't tell you how exciting that is. Since then, he has walked off the lead in the middle of our park, for a very short burst, and he does not show the urge to bolt but we will continue with caution.
It was so lovely to see the dogs running together. Lily wanted to chase and have fun and kept nipping his snout like every other bitch and Dizzy just wanted to run on his own. Their legs move so fast, you can see the power but not appreciate the beauty of it until you see the still frames.

Dizzy looks like a kangaroo though, and we are on the verge of renaming him Skippy, the bush Dog-a- Roo. See how at certain points though, the dogs actually mirror each other's movements. You can see them studying each other then falling into synch by the side of each other. Beautiful! If only we had a field here at home.

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Mad Red Hare said...

I just found your blog! I too love greyhounds. I have 2 of my own and 1 special needs foster. I am the proud owner of the very first dog that our group had! We are only 5 years old. YOUR DOGS ARE GORGEOUS!!! If you like, check out our website I will come back and visit again.