Friday, January 23, 2009

New Cards on Sale

I have one card for each of my two beautiful greyhounds, one is called Is My Nose ABig and the other is called Camouflage Boy. All card profits/royalties are going to Essex Greyhound Rescue, I will be making more cards as I go along but it is very distracting!

your donation goes to the hounds for food and vets bills.

Thank you to those who have donated by buying knitting patterns for snoods for their dogs. Dizzy Lily A Snood For a Hound has sold 55 times, and I have just written another cheque to Essex Greyhound Rescue for £57.

I have given out free patterns to around 200 rescued dogs so far (possibly more)
It all helps to raise awareness and we have cute photos of hounds in their snoods in the Hound Snood Gallery

Here are a few favourites. As you can see, some Italian greyhounds (minuature) and a Daschund have crept into the gallery.

I love this one above, who is little Froggy in his Italian greyhound adaptation (they are tiny)
If you have knitted an item for your hound, including the snood do send your picture to me
The galleries not only provide amusement but they help raise awareness for adopted dogs.
What else could show how soft and adaptable these lovely dogs are when adopted than them modelling a piece of clothing? What other dog would put up with it?


Elayne said...

Your cards are beautiful.

earl said...

Very beautiful cards. Greyhound racing syndication is a structure composed of a group of persons who commonly own a race-trained greyhound or a pup trained for racing, being raised for racing as well.