Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Animal Ark Christmas Do

I am so proud of Lily
The vets had a Christmas party weekend before last, and it got so packed we were squahse shoulder to shoulder and poor Lils all she could see were legs. She is very nervous of people and there was shouting, banging, music and lots of men. Some people walking by put their hands out and touched her head or grabbed her nose, and she didn't flinch a bit.

A few years back, she would have bucked, bitten, kicked and thrown herself against the walls if someone tried to corner her, trap her or touch her. She was calm as anything.
They had a Santa and his elf in the vet, there to take pics of your pet to raise funds for charity.
Well here are the boy and girl with father Christmas looking quite excited and wound up by the queue of people watching and the party going on outside the room.
Steve is in it, because of course Lily was calm because she was with him.

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houndstooth said...

That's a great picture! They don't look too certain about trusting Santa, though!