Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Beds

Hello, its Dizzy here and its my time to write a post.

Its a while since Mummy and Daddy bought us these lovely cushions for £1 each from Ikea in a sale. 

I call them 'nose pillows', and Lily calls them 'sausages'. Every night, that spoiled little princess flounces onto her bed and sighs and grunts, and Mummy has to say Goodnight, do you want your sausage, at which point Lily lifts her annoying little head so she can have the nose pillow put underneath it. I am not quite so fussy because I am anxious to get the parents to bed, before I sneak up on the sofa.

We have new beds now though, so instead of stinky flattened old duvets, we now have these pet cushions to put ourselves on, and you'll never guess what! We now have a cleaner too, to help Mummy when she's not well enough to hoover up all the hair.

It is Lily here, and I just want to add that if I want to, Mummy has to put as many blankets on top of me as I like and if she doesn't do it, I will moan and groan and sulk and hide my head under the bedding. What you have to understand though, is that I am from Royal Blood and these are only things that are part of one's birthright.

This is me under my much diminished pile of blankets, its just not good enough.


houndstooth said...

Essie, I completely understand! I need to be under the covers on Mom and Dad's bed every night or I just can't sleep properly. A princess needs her climate control! A good pillow helps, too!


Sara said...

Cosy beds you lucky houndies! Me and Tillie have to make do with old duvets too but on the last count there are 5 beds at home and 2 more at work we can choose from. At the moment I am in my bed by the fire and Tillie is snoring in the doggie armchair from the kitchen. Night Night!
Licks and sniffs Tillie & Raven xx