Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dizzy had his surgery

Hello, this is Lily here....Dizzy is a little bit busy recovering from major lung surgery.

Last night, he was a bit annoying as I was trying to get some Princessy sleep and my companion hound was just standing, panting and staring, making loud honking noises and then digging up the carpet. He could not lie down he said, there was too much fluid and he was in a lot of pain and could not breathe. He had lost a lot of weight over the past two days. Anyway, Mummy and Daddy called the vet at about 3.30 am, and got him out of bed (sorry Uncle Lyndon, but you are our hero!). We took Dizzy in, and he needed to have major surgery to find out what was going on. Mummy and Daddy knew it was risky.

Anyway, apparently Dizzy has had his major surgery and is recovering but the next 24-48 hours are critical. We are not going to visit him or pick him up as he needs to rest and be monitored. Our vet managed to remove a massive hard tumour from the lung, and has done a lobectomy....that piece of diseased lung or tumour will now be analysed. There were complications in surgery, and Dizzy's heart stopped, but they had a full team and were able to get it going again with heart no damage done there but it is worrying how much stress his poor body is under. Of course, if he came home and laid eyes on my Royal person he might just have another heart attack, that is the sort of effect my exquisite beauty has on common hounds like him.

We are all just waiting now, for tomorrow, so that we can go and pick Dizzy up. I know I moan about him and he can be a nuisance to me and keep me awake but things are a bit quiet here now he is not with us and I sort of miss him.....for example, where has that box of fresh lamb gone? And the cheese? And the chicken? And rice? Mummy and Daddy have been spoiling him something rotten and I was next in line to receive Dizzy's refusals at meal times. Now that seems to have disappeared and boring kibble has turned up in my bowl. Come home soon Dizzy, I sort of miss you! And I might even love you? Just a tiny bit? I am not admitting any more than that of course.


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houndstooth said...

I hope he makes a full recovery and comes home soon. Trust me, you'll miss him when he's gone. I just lost my sister on Monday, and I'd give anything to have her back now.