Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Living as a Solo Dog, Doing Two Dogs' Jobs

Mummy and Daddy say I am a brave and independent little girl. A few times, when Daddy asks me if I want to go for a walk, I look around to see where Dizzy Rascal is and then remember that he is gone for good. Mummy keeps crying, Daddy is a bit quiet, and all I can do to help them is try to be twice the dog I was before. I am doing two dogs' jobs of looking after my bereaved humans. I have been exceptionally good, haven't even tried to get up the stairs at night except for Storm night.

OK, Storm Night....I could not help myself. The whole evening was spent with flashing skies and banging noises and it looked like Mummy and Daddy were ignoring it. Then we went to bed and it started again. I whimpered a little bit, just to alert them in case there was danger, and Daddy invited me up. It was a really hot and sticky night with not much room on the bed and I have never slept on the bed at night (well, except when Daddy goes away). I just threw myself on top of Mummy, dug my claws in, and then panted which shook the bed and sent hot breath down Mummy's neck. In fact, I was such a hot dog that Mummy was dripping in sweat and then was icy cold where it was evaporating! Eventually Mummy persuaded me to sleep in the middle, but it was a hot steamy night. This is the first time I have shown any fear of lightning  normally Dizzy helped me feel safe. he was a handsome boy too and always made me look good. Who would have thought this pampered pooch, on organic and mixed food diet and regularly exercised would have got a complicated illness so young? He was the picture of health this time last year.

Handsome Dizzy in the Snow 2008

I have been on a little trip to Whittingham Kennels and we took a dog called Sky for a walk, but he was not interested in me or Mummy and Daddy, he was a very aloof kind of boy. We like the big, bouncy confident our Dizzy Rascal. We don't want to replace him, who could? We just would like to meet other greys and get to know them and we are going there about once a week whilst Daddy is off work.

Our First Day at our new Home in June 2007

In September the Whittingham rescue kennels are having their roof redone and so need to empty each half of the kennel for a week at a time and put the hounds into temporary foster homes. So a greyhound will be coming to live with us for a week in September hopefully. Well, I have my faves and I might just fancy a black boy this time. What about these lovely chaps?

Charlie...he is 3 and very sweet and cuddly

Harry is 4

Cameo who is 3 yrs old  is sweet,
and a little bit shy like me, but very handsome

Rooney is 5 so closer to my age. He looks quite cheeky

See how I have gone for the toy boys? Anyway, this is just one local kennel of many.....If you did not want to adopt, or foster, they always welcome volunteer walkers once they know you.


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houndstooth said...

I hope you find the perfect brother! We just brought Flattery home, and I wasn't completely convinced at first, but she's growing on me. She gets into so much stuff that the rest of us look like angels, which is nice. I also think it's fun to see her starting to get used to life in the house. Your perfect brother is out there!