Saturday, June 23, 2007

Smooth Design
My new dog Dizzy was once called Smooth Design, and he ran 10 races bless him. His last race in December 2006 he won, and I wonder why he was retired. I was told he had a dodgy gait but actually, he had an ulcer on his pad and the vet has removed a stone wedged into his paw under anaesthetic so I wonder if Dizzy will be whizzing around the
enclosure next time we take him out. However fast he is, he is never going to race again and we will just have a private viewing of his speed.

You can find out more about Dizzy and your greyhounds from this database:

We even found a picture of his father, here he is, his name is Cool Performance.

Please note that I am interested in my own dog's history and what made his character like it is or led to his 'strange gait' and I hope you don't think I am condoning what goes on in the racing industry in any way by putting up this information.

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