Thursday, July 12, 2007

Poppy and Bailey Need Homes - POPPY HAS FOUND A FOREVER HOME

Hi, remember I mentioned these two before in a previous post?

I know these two dogs and can recommend them as being very affectionate and loving pets.

Bailey on the left is very shy, has a sad face even when he is happy, but would enjoy having a permanent home. He came to this country with my Lily, and he is about 2 yrs old and would make a splendid pet.

He is friendly with other animals, but I would always advise caution as a matter of course anyway.

is 4 and she came from a very good home but sadly her 'parents' split up and as she stayed with the one who needed to work away from home, was spending a lot of time with dog minders so her owner wanted her to have a permanent home where someone can be there for most of the time. She has been vaccinated, micro chipped and spayed.

If you can give either of these dogs a home, do contact me.

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