Saturday, July 7, 2007

Todd is looking for a home

My partner and I met Todd, and he was a strong contender to come with us but we did want 2 greyhounds and Todd really deserves a home on his own. This is what Julie from Essex Greyhound Rescue told us. Do contact her if you can consider giving Todd a permanent home.

The Dog shown here is similar looking to Todd, we have no photo at the moment. Todd is a young 3 yr old black greyhound with some white patches. He is very affectionate, has quite a playful character and a bit of spirit which is lovely to see in a young dog. Todd is a retired racing greyhound and has been in kennels for a long time. He needs some tender loving care and will settle well once he is in his forever home and met other animals and seen the outside world. However, he does need a home to himself without other dogs as he does feel happier with all the attention
He has met children and we have observed that he is well behaved with them but as he is not used to them, we would recommend that if he does go to a home with children it would be better if they are aged from 6yrs upwards.

If you wish to know more about Todd or other greyhounds tel 01702 460631 and ask for Julie, of Essex Greyhound Rescue. You can also click on the label 'Dogs Needing A Home' at the bottom of this post or in the sidebar to see all dogs needing homes or news on dogs who have found a home

Previosly we featured Valdi, he has found a home!
He has gone to a lovely forever home with a lady who has fields and horses and where he will be the only dog. We have heard he is settling in well and is soaking up all the love and attention.

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