Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Lily is a white dog, in that she has a lot of white fur which is quite thin in paces over her skin. This has caused us a bit of worry and so we have used sunscreen to help stop the sun's rays doing harm to her skin. As you may know, white animals are particularly prone to skin cancers.

A while back, Lily had a mole/scab that kept bleeding on her flank and we pointed it out to the vet who said it looked like a mole which had been caught and we should keep an eye on it. We did and it never healed, you can see here it looks like it has a bruised ring around it.

Last week just as a routine we took her to have it checked out because it worried us. The vet said we were right to be concerned, and he wanted to take it off as soon as possible and have it biopsied. From its appearance and behaviour, he diagnosed it as either a hemangioma or a hemangioma sarcoma, the first word meaning a benign blood/skin tumour and the second word meaning a malignant one. Both look the same and it is 50%/50% as to which one of these Lily has. The nasty kind if left untreated can spread to liver, lungs and kidneys and can be very aggressive.

Of course we are hoping like mad that it turns out to be a plain hemangioma
Both look absolutely identical though, little blisters that can burst and bleed and have a reddish or purplish appearance.

If your own greyhound gets one of these, don't panic they seem to be fairly common but do get it checked out like we are.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow!!

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