Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lily Update
We picked her up Wed eve. Poor Lils has been in the wars, lots of bald patches and stitches as well as having had internal biopsies and scans. Now we have to wait until biopsies are back to find out whether the skin tumours are sarcoma, or benign. Her behaviour though was impeccable, she was confident and allowed other people to handle her and the vet introduced her to his daughter who now wants a greyhound of her own. She was s excited to be home and have all her home comforts and it reminded us of how good life is for her here even if she does sometimes act a bit princessy!

The other strange thing is that the vet started to explain that her urine test showed an inability to be able to concentrate the urine.....and I had deja vu.
I had been told the exact same thing, and in fact after some hideous tests I was diagnosed with Cranial Diabetes Inspidus which is a very rare problem with kidneys not concentrating urine and losing water, and being thirsty as well as peeing ALL the time and even incontinent (sorry to go into the pants region here).

Now DI, is so very rare, so what is the chances of Lily and I having the exact same thing? It is not a transferable condition.

This means that as well as me having to get up to pee throughout the night and getting thirsty and drinking, Lily is doing the same thing. She needs to pee about twice once at around 2-3am and another around 4am and then again at around 5.30 am. So I trudge down the stairs, totally shattered and let Lily out go myself have a couple of hours kip and then up to do it again....It is so tiring I am starting to feel ill....wait a minute, I am feeling ill already! I do hope that we can sort Lily out and perhaps give her some replacement hormone further down the line.

And I really hope that Lils doesn't have a nasty skin problem. She is so cute lying there with her A K Creations custom made pyjamas; red with little sheep on.


Marnie said...

Aww, I'm sending you both healthy thoughts.

IHateToast said...

i'm sorry about that. i can't sleep through a bursting bladder and am usually up, but not that often nor for those reasons. if once makes me tired, you must be zonked. can you find a good nap time to make up those hours?