Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

As is traditional, the pups gave Daddy a Valentine's Card especially from them, and had a few word to add in a little ditty to try and compete for Daddy's love.

Here is what they said

Lily: "I know Daddy Loves me more
You see we have a special bond
He saved me from an icy pond!"

Dizzy: "Yeah but I know Daddy loves me too
Cos it makes his heart swell when I roo"

Lily: "But Daddy smacks my baldy tum
And I love him loads more than Mum"

Dizzy: "No, Daddy smacks my rib cage too
We have more sofa cuddles than you"

Both Lily & Dizzy: "We don't care who Daddy loves more
'Cos we both love 'im back times four!!"

PS: "Sorry we can't use scissors
And we didn't have any glue
But it really doesn't mean
That we don't love you!"

(this is re the 'homemade' qualities of this particular card, as I didn't have the right year I will leave it to Zazzle and get some professional ones done!

1 comment:

IHateToast said...

and you got diddly from them. aw man. next year.

wonderful ditties.