Thursday, February 19, 2009

A walk with 51 dogs!

After last week's disaster with Lily in the pond, it was nice to go for a successful walk.
We met up with Southern Lurcher Link who had organised a walk in Trent Park.
51 dogs and their owners attended.

Lily was really confident and enjoyed her walk and even did a little run. She was wary, but not psychotically terrified like she might have been in the past.

Dizzy was his normal confident self, hassling people for cuddles and singing at them if they didn't give him a cuddle. We let him off the lead, thinking he might stay with the group. He did for about 5 minutes, and did a little dance to try and shake his muzzle off.

Shortly after that, he just ran away, not interested in the group or us calling him and Steve went off and found his head in a pram hassling a baby. It was all terrifying for the father holding the pram, as Dizzy looks like a monster with a muzzle on. He was not amused. We put Dizzy back on the lead, decided the experiment was a disaster so we will have to keep him on the lead next time. A shame, if only he realised how his behaviour was restricting his freedom.


Elayne said...

Looks like a fun walk in the park. I don't know anyone near me with sighthounds. But we do walk in the neighborhood with our other doggie friends.

cindi said...

There's nothing better than a giantic herd of greyhounds running around off-leash together!
Fabulous! And the scenery looks absolutely beautiful!
It looks like the only thing the people needed was some donughts and tea/coffee!

Mina said...

Hi there! I found your blog when my mum was looking for simple knitting pattern for Greyhound snoods for me (am rubbish at knitting, so has to be very simple!).

Looks like a lovely walk - I normally walk with Essex & Suffolk Greyhound Walks but they have an on-lead policy. I can understand it, as it can cause chaos for those who can't come off the lead (I've been tutted at for taking my Beauty off the lead in private gardens because all the dogs want to run about - shame really!).

My naughty dog blog is about my terrier, cos my Greyhound is a very Good and Genteel Girl and only stuffs her head in the bin leaving the rubbish all over the floor around when absolutely necessary.

Life With Dogs said...

That looks like an absolute blast! A mountain of needle-nosers :)

eag said...

What fun!Yes explaining actions and consequences is even more difficult than with a two year old human.