Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Pillows for the Boys and Girls

We went to IKEA on Saturday night, what a wild time we had looking at curtains and eating Swedish Meatballs. Going out (to IKEA) is the new staying in (which was the new going out) don't you know?

We bought these two pillows for our hounds as they are cheap and cheerful and machine washable. Steve tried out his new camera skills and wanted to capture the pair before they got hairy (cushions of course), but as you can see he didn't manage that. However, the quality of this different camera in terms of depth and colour are apparent immediately. We are still novices though, and Stevie is learning to get better and better pics all the time.

Yesterday Lily collided into Dizzy and what a palaver. Stevie had to bend down and cuddle Dizzy to stop him screeching and shutting his eyes and he said it was exactly like having a 2yr old who had bashed his knee, he needed comforting although there was nothing wrong with him. And madam Lily, arrived home with poo splattered over her back end and was most ashamed at her lack of ladylike hygiene. It seems that the force of the impact (whilst running) made her release a little bit in the bowel region, and it just went flying. So Stevie needed wet wipes (just like a toddler too) and we had to put her in the shower and scrub with Sanex.
Next time someone asks me if I have kids, I will probably have to stop and think about that, and might say ''Yes, sort of, except mine are never going to grow up!''


Marnie said...

Ah, yes, they'll never grow, never ask for $300 for books, or $100k for school or come to visit only to bring bags of dirty laundry. Yup, 2 year olds forever and just the way I'd want them :)

Poor little pups sound awfully sensitive. Give them a big hug from me

IHateToast said...

gorgeous pillows and great story.

poor kids.

eag said...

Oh it's all good fun!Who'd be without them hey?My 6 year old, Greyhound that is, managed to empty his bowels all over the backseat of my Buggy...now was that ever fun to clear up out of the grooves in the plastic seats!?!

houndstooth said...

I'd have been screaming if I had poo on my back, too! Oh the horror! :P