Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lily's Paws Update

I am pleased to announce, that for the past 2 weeks I have had dry and cosy toes and no bleeding. I have been going for daily gentle walks, and it looks like I have tiny new claws coming through although they are a bit odd and crumbly looking. My coat is extra glossy and I am on an expensive but fishy rich diet at the moment. I am also having Viacutin spray on my food which is a mixture of plant essential fatty acids (for an omega rich diet) and also has some fish oil. It is like a highly concentrated evening primrose oil. The vet thinks this is better than adding fish oils because that can cause tummy upsets (especially in greyhounds) and occasionally gall stones and pancreatitis from too much fat.

Anyway, I am a much more settled and happy pooch (although I do need to have constant access to a sofa cushion of my choice, all 3 on one sofa may sometimes be necessary) and I do need to be kept warm and cosy with a daily supply of Christmas dinners....

Here are a couple of cute pics of myself and Dizzy in our Christmas mistletoe matching collars. I think I am the prettiest out of the two....of course.

We also had a naughty but nice Christmas Stocking from our friend Jed (and his owners) of Sacred Stitches.

Mummy also got herself a T-shirt with Jed on, which she thought was very cute but we were not very impressed with....I mean, who wants to wear a picture of a dog that is not me?? At least Daddy still wears his T-Shirt with Snow Queen Lily on, and Mummy should stick to wearing the Russian Dolls T-Shirt and forget about stuff with dogs on if she can't be loyal to her own hounds.

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houndstooth said...

Lily, I have the same toenail issues you do. My mom was prepared because my mother, who also lived here with us until she died last year, had the same thing, too. Mom was surprised, though, because I chew my toenails off myself instead of letting them get long and to the point of breaking. I get oils in my food, too! We blue dogs are the prettiest for sure!