Sunday, December 2, 2012

I haven't done a very good job of keeping up my posts. I have still been a bit under the weather and after 2 weeks of no claws, am still raw and bleeding. Mummy and Daddy are still having to keep the sheets and towels down and when I get a bit excited, like last night over the Chinese takeaway delivery, a quick turn can bring on a bleed...which is what happened. Mummy was very stressed and Daddy is a bit upset too.

Some of my quicks seem dry and scabby but a few look bright red and raw still. When I jump up on the sofa, I sometimes have a little squeak if I hit the raw quick on something. Mummy is thinking of making me some booties, perhaps a very loose bag with Velcro on. The commercial booties are too tight around the ankle and on the toes, I could easily stub my quicks. They would not be easy to get on my paws either. 

At the moment, I am having some fish every other day. Then I am having a zinc supplement every other day from the fish. I have been told by Mummy, who looked this up and vaguely remembered it from school, that zinc and iron are in direct competition with each other when ti comes to taking it up and absorbing it. That is why it is never a good idea to drink cups of tea and certain drinks with your dinner. So as I am losing a bit of blood, and am having fish with good sources of iron I don't really want to take zinc on those days. Zinc is supposed to help support healing and growing of claws. I am also on clavoseptin antibiotics for secondary infections and was on the two baths for 5-120 mins every day. However, Mummy and Daddy have seen improvements in healing if they leave me alone and just give the one soak and wash per day. Daddy puts a timer on his iPhone and then everyone squeals at me and tells me what a good girl I am for keeping feet in the nice warm water. When the buzzer goes off, I get a biccie. I also get biccies for most minutes that I keep the feet in the water.

Now there are a lot of SLO sufferers out there who tell me their owners have tried Omega 3 oils and it worked wonders and put the dogs into remission. However, our vet did not seem that keen on the idea. He said the amount of active ingredient from the oil needed to get to the nails, is so high it is difficult to dose a dog with it. Mummy also read that the sources of omega, generally fish, can carry other things that are not healthy from the environment like heavy metals, or radioactivity etc....this means that high doses could be getting those harmful things into the body and might counteract the good....I will be asking Mummy to go and study this....I can't do it, my paws are too sore to be Googling things.

I haven't got any photos of this condition yet. We looked online and to be honest, nobody's claws look quite as bad as mine and it is unclear what the pics are of. I might ask Mummy to take a photo this week, and we will think about whether it is too shocking or upsetting to put online. The important thing to remember about SLO is that every dog is different and it is unusual for all the claws to come off at once like me.



Harrumph I am getting a little fed up of the attention princess is getting, and she always gets more biccies and gets to go first while I have to stay away. It isn't my fault if she gets in the way when I walk backwards. Last night though, I started a little attention thing of my own and screeched if anybody touched my collar to pull me away from Lily....



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