Thursday, May 30, 2013

Good News & Bad News

I will start with the slightly bad news first. I had a small sore on my toe which Mummy and Daddy thought was just my knuckles rubbing and me being run down. After about 3 weeks it seemed to heal. Then last weekend, Daddy found a very big sore breaking out on my leg, this was followed by both ears having sores, both eyes.....and then it even spread to Lily. It was crusty so Mummy thought it might be ringworm and started using an antifungal cream.

On Tues I went in to have my chemo as normal and at first the vet thought my sores looked like they were cancerous and that the cancer was at a much later stage than we hoped. But, that did not explain why Lily had two. Even Mummy had one sore on her mouth, others on her face and a rash on her arms. The inside of her mouth was sore and has now started bleeding.

When we went into the vets Tues morning, Lily had one and a half sores and I had about 4, and then by the end of the evening Lily had 5 sores and I had 10 even though we were both on antibiotics and antifungal creams. We are wating for results of skin scrape tests, and its a bit worrying and obviously contagious.

Here are some amusing diagrams Mummy has been drawing. It is the only way she can remember where the sores are and keep a count of whether the patches are getting better or worse.

Now for the Good News....there was less fluid on my chest and on x-ray the vets could see much more clearly in the chest. I still have a mass and still have displacement of my trachea, lungs etc but it looks like that mass has not metastasised (that just means spread out like little satellites) anywhere else.  So whatever is happening with the chemo, my fluidy chest has got better rather than worse. I still have coughing, honking and breathing difficulties and I don't feel like eating. That is partly the chemo though so its not surprising.

So we are waiting for the skin test results to come back....and in the meantime it is scary and hard work for Mummy and Daddy who are bathing, adding lots of cream to us, and then having to supervise us so we do not lick it off again.

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