Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Treatment

I have had a couple of episodes of being very unwell. A couple of weeks ago I was doing what Mummy and Daddy call 'Cuddle Tennis' where I was a bit too miserable and uncomfortable to lie down and just kept walking from one person to another and cuddling while standing and laying my head in their lap. I did try to have a cuddle with Mummy on the sofa but as soon as I lay down I started honking and straining with a really noisy and horrible distressed type breathing. 

They took me to see my Uncle Lyndon (my only and favourite vet in the World) at Animal Ark, which is the base for my biggest fan club and entourage.  Apparently that veterinary practice was set up for the sole purpose of worshipping me with biccies and attention. It can be a bit tiring keeping up all that ''roo rooing'' and cuddling with my many fans, but I try to share out the attention amongst them all as best I can. I am obviously doing a good job as they have nicknamed me ''Noisy''. I went into the doggie ward immediately to drain fluid and have more x-rays. It was still not easy to see what was going on in x-ray but at least I could breathe again. I had more biopsies and the fluid analysed and it is still is looking like a lymphoma in the chest.

So my carers decided to presume this is a lymphoma type cancer as all the tests indicate that (with a small percentage that it is something else giving those results) and they started my chemotherapy. Nobody wants to open me up at the moment, which is what would probably happen if I was referred to an oncologist, so I went onto a drug called Vincristine. When I came home I was really tired and floppy for a day or two, then a bit sick for a day or two and off my food again, but then back to normal and quite perky. I did have a couple of nosebleeds, which was a bit scary. It seemed to happen if I got excited...especially about going out for a walk.

I have had two treatments now. The second dose was 20% more than the first one, and I did feel more nauseous and grumpy for a day or two but I have perked up a bit now. Whatever happens, I have to keep this lovely food they keep giving me, so I will have to keep looking a bit miserable if I am offered anything less. Lily is driven wild with jealousy when I have my breakfast. She knows I am getting things in my food that she isn't, even though she is shut in another room to have her brekkie. Afterwards she comes and sniffs me all over and then licks my ear vigorously to tell me she is still in charge but we all know that isn't the case any more and I get first pickings from the best of the food going.

This is what I have been eating mainly....Mummy has spent a fortune on this, but I love it.

I will let you know how my next treatment goes, but don't tell Mummy and Daddy about the plan I have for keeping my yummy food.


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