Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm back!!!

I'm back from the vets now. When got home I was still a bit dopey but when I saw Mummy opening a can of salmon, I knew I had to get there before greedy Dizzy and it was a race....suddenly I was alert again.

Then I had a lot of snoozes on my bed and rolled over for tummy tickles. That reassured Mummy that I was not that bad. And I managed to grab my favourite spot on the sofa for the night, before Dizzy got there. Daddy was worried about me in the night so he got up and checked on me, and I was doing my upside down super dog impression, with all paws up and belly exposed....they knew if I was doing that I must be alright. Here is me doing super dog just to show you an example of what I was doing last night, but on the sofa.

I had my horrible tablets this morning. Mummy just quickly grabbed me and put them down my throat. Damn! If she had slipped them in my food, I would have been able to hide them in my cheek then spit them out down the back of the bowl or somewhere else equally as surreptitious.

Oh dear, I am afraid I was not quite as brave when it came to foot bath time. I have to have each paw standing in a foot bath for 5-10 mins, twice a day, until the claws grow back....which is going to be between 6-9 mths! But this morning was my first foot bath at home. The nurses at the vets told Mummy and Daddy that I was fine with it yesterday, but I can't tell Mummy if that is true or not. I squeaked a bit and the water felt stingy so I was terrified. Mummy just did a quick dip then dry, then put antibacterial talc on them. I can't lick them now 'cos it will taste so horrible! Mummy is talking to the vets.....and I heard her telling Daddy that the foot bath is a 2 man job, and they are going to try a bigger but more shallow bath this evening...and will hold me in it...uh oh!

Now I feel a bit anti inflammatory tablet makes me a bit like a nice healthy snooze.
I don't feel like going for a walk and its cold and rainy outside. Daddy will take me for a drive instead and I can hang my head out the window, then have a quick wee in my favourite park, then home again.

Yesterday Mummy was a bit upset, she heard that some people have to put their dogs to sleep if their claws don't heel. But Linden, my favourite vet said that is not necessary. If my claws will not grow back and the exposed raw quicks are causing me lots of pain, then he can remove those. It might mean having no claws for the rest of my life, but apparently I can lead a normal life without them. Mummy cheered up when she heard that.

Everywhere I walk it is covered in soft towels or sheets...its like my own Royal carpet, just for me!
Mummy will keep washing them although they have not  turned bloody yet. I might end up having a little bleed, so the towels protect the carpet but also means I have clean sheets to walk on and less risk of infection.

Mummy hasn't put a picture up of my feet because it looks worse than it is. We would hate to put other people off the treatment as it is not normally as drastic as this. normally with SLO (see my other post about what that is) us dogs just lose one claw at a time...but I had all mine hanging off at once.
The quick is bright red when healthy, but it can also be quite messy and bloody looking and then on top of that my Royal feet are stained blue. I say this is so the nurses could identify me as purebred royalty and treat me accordingly but Mummy says that is nonsense and that they always paint bits that have been operated on to disinfect them but also identify which bits may be not well when the other staff check on me.

I would like to say a bit thank you to Linden, and his lovely practice Animal Ark. We have had such wonderful and urgent treatment there and apparently, most vets have not even heard of this and do not know what to do. We are always lucky with our choice of vet but it is about 2 hours away from us on a busy traffic day.Normally I hate men, mainly because of the racing industry, but Linden is in my inner circle of Royal subjects who I will allow the privilege of petting me and giving me biscuits. Not many men are allowed to do that. I would normally say, just leave the biscuits with my servants who will administer them later.

Bye for now....must go and snooze.

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