Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mummy says I must keep a diary now so that other hounds who get Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy (SLO), might be able to see how we dealt with it on a day to day basis.

At the moment, I am having a can of fish every other day. I will start my other supplements after I have been to the vet next week and he sees how I am doing.

I had all my claws removed last Monday and stayed in overnight because my paws would not stop bleeding. unfortunately, this can be normal for a greyhound as we bleed more. Due to inbreeding and our normal racing jobs, we tend to have quite low white blood cells and very high red blood cells. This can also mean we carry so much oxygen around for our running, that there is not much room for other important blood factors. Bleeding can range from a very serious blood clotting problem, to mild persistent bleeding which is what I seem to have.  Mummy has put down blankets and towels everywhere I walk in the house and she is working very hard at picking up blankets and washing them. I get a little bit upset when I can see blood pumping out, and I start panting and looking stressed and alert Mummy. Mummy comes and talks to me in a soothing voice, tells me she has seen the blood and its all ok and I am not in any trouble, then she takes the bloody rags or towels away for a good boil wash. The vet says that it is far more comfortable and safe for a dog to have their paws left open although it looks a bit drastic with my raw bright red quicks.

Every morning, I have my food with a clavoseptin antibiotic and then a cimalgex anti-inflammatory tablet.
Then my feet get washed in Malaseb pet shampoo. At first, I didn't like the foot baths and squeaked when Mummy picked up my leg. Now though, I understand exactly what it is going to be like and I even curl and lift my paw ready for it. Then my paws are put onto a very clean towel and I get to the best bit, my lovely fishy sea biscuits.

Every day, after a long snooze Daddy has taken me for a drive in the car then lets me have a very very short walk on the grass to do my business. I can't really walk far at all at the moment.  However, this has set the bleeding off every time and I come home with the blood coming out on the floor. Then the dirt is washed off my feet, they bleed for while then stop. We hope this is not going to happen every single day. I still have my paws open. Mummy might try getting some very very soft felt booties, to make it more comfortable but we must have something breathable. And it must only be for very short periods. The same if we decide to try any outdoor booties.

Today there was more blood than usual and it seems to feel more sore and raw. Mummy and Daddy have ordered a Chinese though and I know prawn crackers will make me feel much better.
Tomorrow the cleaner is coming and I don't know what she will think when she sees lots of towels and blankets down with blood stains....perhaps she won't hoover the room. She always talks to us in a very soft voice and I think she likes us.

Mummy and Daddy seem extra worried about my poor little toes, and I know Daddy is very upset by them but they are doing a good job of acting like everything is normal which helps me enormously.
It is Day 7 of me with no claws, and the bleeding and rawness has not stopped yet. It seems to be bothering me more now than when I first came home. I hope the vet won't mind me continuing with the cimalgex.
He might want to stop it though, if it causes more bleeding.

Last night, I had really nice cuddles with Daddy on the sofa and on a nice soft towel. I had to keep nudging Daddy though to tickle my tummy, and I had a big long stretch as well. Dizzy was all cuddled up with Mummy and we all watched a film.

I must dash, as I have to keep watch at the front door to tell Mummy and Daddy when the Chinese delivery arrives. Can't wait for those prawn crackers....

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