Thursday, November 22, 2012

Toes are still a bit raw.....

Yesterday was a tiny bit of a sore day, but Mummy and Daddy managed to wash my Royal feet twice. Trouble is, big boy Dizzy keeps barging in for a biccie but he has done NOTHING to earn it? He hasn't had all his claws ripped off and suffered foot baths and horrible medicines has he?

I got a little bit excited when Daddy came home, and it meant that getting up in a rush, I hurt a raw toe and it bled a bit. Sheets are still down everywhere downstairs. It will have soaked through to the carpet no doubt. Good job it is old and that Dizzy has already soiled it.

Anyway, I still had painkillers and an evening bath. Daddy lifted me right in the air, and I did that rigid statue greyhound impression and I could tell Daddy's back was killing him so went easy on the struggle.

Today I went for a tiny walk and a bit of a sniff and did my ablutions. I liked being included, last night when I got left indoors while Dizzy and Daddy went out I was very very jealous and could not stop whining and with quavering wobble to my girly voice. However, today my toes look the same, are still a bit bleedy but smell all clean with nice toasty warm pads. Mummy keeps telling me she can smell happy dog feet, they have a special warm hammy cheese smell when they are clean and dry. 

I have let Mummy go and write up my blog, and she also drew this silly picture of us....I can't say the hounds are lifelike, but we are a comedy duo and we do stick our head out the window looking just like the cartoon. Because Dizzy is so much taller than me, it makes for a comic effect.


I would just like to add, that I have done a marvellous job of keeping quiet and out the way in general, and I believe that I have every right to be having extra biscuits and taking part in eating the salmon, mackerel and tuna (yes, I have spied that in the cupboard....mine is the £5 tin of red wild salmon please....)


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